The Selection Process

We like to talk about our writers because we are just so proud of the entire team. Mainly this is because of how much effort is put in when it comes time to hire new ones. We have included our process here for you to see:

  1. No applications – We prefer to go directly to the writer and ask him or her to come and work for us. The reason for this is we want to have a writer that is doing it for more than just a wage and one that is still active in academia.
  2. Search high and low – True quality can be hiding in any educational building. We look for a pattern of achievement in a field that we need writers in then we make our selection from these professionals.
  3. Testing – While we may have selected them ourselves it is still necessary to test each writer. We need to know how they will respond to direction and be able to deal with tight deadlines.
  4. Training – The writer might pass all of our tests and be an excellent candidate to start working with us but we put them through training to make sure. This is largely focused on making students feel at ease and being able to explain their work so students can understand.

Always Improving And Moving Forward

We would like to expand on this idea of training, as it is often surprising to students that our writers are put through any at all. It is, we believe, necessary to continue training throughout the entire time a writer works for The training changes focus regularly so that our writers can become as rounded as possible and then offer an even better service to their assigned students.

Constantly Tested

Each writer will have a string of academic achievements and awards so it is important to make sure they are continuing to succeed. We enable this to happen by putting them under rigorous tests to make sure they are keeping the high standards that our clients expect.

The testing comes in two different forms. Sometimes we give our writers test essays to create that we will inspect and in other cases we listen to anonymous student feedback on particular writers. Using this approach we can say with absolute confidence that our writers remain the best in the industry.